Barbara Joó - Keep Swinging - teacher


I started dancing at age of 9. Ballet, modern jazz and ballroom dances taught me a classic technique and a stable base. I love to spice that up with the energy and craziness of jazz.

When it comes to teaching, it’s important to me to build up well-structured classes. I try to help my students in reaching strong body awareness and improving their technical skills, however, I can’t miss out some fun figures or games on each class. Over the last 8 years, I have been teaching every day in Budapest as part of the Keep Swinging team, and I am involved in the local scene building and everyday life of the school.

Next to all the dancing and teaching, I am an event organizer as well. I’m part of the main organizing team at Lindy Shock, Chase Festival, CEUSDC, One Minute Challenge. I was volunteering and working with lots of Festivals all over Europe over the last years. (Herräng, Cirque du solo, Snowball, etc..)